1.35V PX675 Battery (PX76, H-C, MR-7, E313, EPX675, MR44, MRB675)

Analog Battery

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Mercury batteries are commonly found on cameras and exposure meters produced in the 60s to 80s. Canon F-1, Minolta SRT-101, Leica M5, and Yashica 124G are famous cameras using mercury cells. Today, most countries have banned the production of mercury cells due to environmental concerns. Thus, a suitable replacement battery is required to bring them back to life.

Battery Compatibility Checker Available

ANALOG produce drop-in replacement batteries that substitute mercury batteries with no compromise. With this direct replacement, you can achieve accurate exposure results; no camera modification is needed.

After removing the seal, please wait for 30 minutes before use. It allows the battery to stabilize the output voltage. Each zinc-air cell lasts around 1 to 2 months.

Remark: Do not use alkaline or silver-oxide batteries on mercury cell-powered devices. Otherwise, it might damage the device permanently. Please recycle batteries after use.

Replaces PX76, H-C, MR-7, E313, EPX675, MR44, MRB675

  • Mercury and cadmium-free
  • High Capacity
  • Remove the seal before use
  • Made in the UK

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