Lens Edge-Blackening Complete Kit

Polar Bear Camera

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What is Edge-Blackening?

Edge-blackening reduces stray light entering the optical system and prevents unwanted internal light reflections. Thus, improving the contrast.

About the Kit

A comprehensive kit to fabricate the ultimate optical edge-blackening ink that suits your needs. This 10-piece kit includes a premium inkstick and associated tools to create a water-soluble graphite-based ink.

Ink coming from the inkstick is a perfect choice to darken optical elements. The ink is stable and non-acidic. It does not corrode the optical coating or the glue used in the lens group. The ink consists of extremely fine graphite particles, which bring a smooth, thin, and light-absorbing finish. It is easy to use as well as water-soluble, thus allowing users to control the thickness of ink.

What’s Included?

•Inkstick (weight ≥ 15g) x 1
•Inkstone x 1
•Ink Storage Containers x 3
•Brush x 3
•Storage Box x 1
•Instruction Manual x 1