Helicoid Lube+ FIRM (15ml)

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Damper Grease for Lenses

Helicoid Lube+ is a premium grade synthetic optical lube that comes in 6 different thickness, from NLGI 000 to NLGI 2, covering most of the typical lubricant scenario on camera lenses.

The focus rings on vintage lenses are often not as smooth (or sometimes it is over-loosened) as they used to. This is because the damper grease has been deteriorated and dried up over time. Time to replace the grease!

  • 100% Synthetic Grease with PETE (aka PTFE) additives.
  • Translucent and odourless lube with a consistent flow.
  • Resistant to a humid environment.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Made in UK, Superior Quality.