Micro Profile Screw P1.4 x 4.8mm Black (Head 2.5x0.6) Cross Point

Polar Bear Camera

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Micro Profile Screw (also known as low profile screw) is often used in the camera bodies and lenses, especially for holding the top and bottom cases, and mounting plates. Because of the thin flat head, it is considered a non-generic screw, thus making it very hard to find. Polar Bear Camera have sourced them from Japan.

This is a P-type self-tapping screw.

P-type self-tapping screws are commonly used in plastic-to-plastic or metal-to-plastic connections with larger thread pitches than metric screws (M-type). P-type screws and M-type screws are not interchangeable; installing the wrong screw may damage the part.

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Please measure the screw with a calliper before placing the order.

  • Fabricated with Premium Material
  • Made in Japan
  • Crosspoint Drive, Use with JIS #0 cross-point screwdriver
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • UK Stock, Ready to Dispatch