Precision JIS HSS-E Tap & Drill Set M2.5 x 0.45mm MADE IN JAPAN

Polar Bear Camera

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The tap is produced in accordance with Japan Industrial Standard (JIS B 4430). Both JIS and ISO metric screws can be fitted to the threaded part. The tap can be mounted on our Micro Tap Wrench (PBL-TOOL-TAP-HT)

A tap is important in cameras and lens repair on the occasion that the screw thread is damaged, e.g. a stripped screw, rusted thread, or even a cracked hole.

If you intend to use the tap on an existing hole, please select a larger-sized tap than the existing hole size. For example, if the original screw hole is M1.2 in size, please use a tap with an M1.4 or larger size. The rule of thumb is to create a larger threaded hole than the existing one.

On some occasions, you might need to create a brand new hold. You can choose any tap size to work with it given that the diameter of the hole is 1/3 or less of the part's width. This prevents the parts from cracking.

Always drill the hole before tapping. Failing to do so might damage the tap permanently. 


  • Compliant with JIS B4430 Standard
  • Made with Quality Cobalt Steel (HSS-E)
  • For Aluminium & Brass Parts *Do not use on steel/stainless steel parts.
  • Comes with Guide Drill and Protective Cases
  • Tap Made in Japan


What’s Included?

  • 1 x JIS Tap (Made in Japan)
  • 1 x Guide Drill (Made in Taiwan)
  • 2 x Protective Case