USB-C to 1.35V High Precision DC/DC Converter Exposure Meter Calibration

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USB-C to 1.35V High Precision DC/DC Converter

A reliable voltage source is required for light meter (exposure meter) calibration. This device offers a portable way that steps down power from a USB / Type-C source to a precise 1.35V with a calibrated accuracy at 99%.  It comes with two quick-release wire clips that are capable to hook tiny thin wires, as thin as 0.1mm in diameter. No soldering is needed.  

80cm USB-A to Type-C cable is included. 

About the Design

As camera technicians, we understand how fragile is the metering circuit. Compared to the traditional bench DC power supply, our converter provides advanced protection to prevent damage to the testing targets. Below is the list of in-circuit protections included:

  • Resettable Fuse
  • Input Voltage Limiter
  • Over-current Protection
  • Short Circuit Cut Off
  • High Temperature Cut Off


  • Input: 5V 50mA / USB TypeC
  • Output: 1.35V 10mA (±0.95%)
  • Cable Length: 28cm / 31cm (with clips)
  • Active LED Indicator
  • Made in the UK